Thursday, September 10, 2009

pretty party clothes crocheted of snow

So whilst perusing (and I'm using the original definition here) my own blog the other day, I noticed that it has been literally months since I harassed you guys with a shameless plug of my online vintage store SAFE AS MILK VINTAGE.
Well, even if I've been slacking "h-core", as kids (some kids at least) say these days, on my blog, I've been hard "at work" with my store - thrifting, altering, photographing, shipping...
I do offer a 10% discount to readers of my blog, so if you see anything you're interested in, just let me know and I'll work something out.

Here are some of the items I've recently added:
Vintage Red Velvet Slouchy Hat
This one totally reminds me of something Marianne Faithfull would wear. Gorgeous rich hippie look.
Price: $20
ashcan reader price: $1870's Psychedelic Hippie Mini Dress
Price: $30
ashcan reader price: $27
70's Belted Floral Midlength Dress
Price: $20
ashcan reader price: $18
70's Ethnic Button-Up Bohemian Maxi Dress
Price: $30
ashcan reader price: $27
80's Abstract-Print Poncho Dress
Price: $30
ashcan reader price: $2770's Ethnic Hippie Dress
Price: $30
ashcan reader price: $27
80's Laurence Kazar Blue Sequined Party Dress
I just adore this dress - the colour, the length, the sequins. If I had more formal events that I went to, I'd definitely keep it for myself, but since I don't really have the chance to dress up often (besides to dance around my own room) and, won't lie, I need money, I figure I'd pass on the love.
Price: $50
ashcan reader price: $45
Men's 70's Embroidered Button-Up Shirt
This is the greatest shirt I've ever seen and the only reason I'm sad that I don't have a boyfriend is because I have nobody to force into this shirt - so force your stylish man into it, and enjoy the rare sensation that is me being jealous of you.
Price: $30
ashcan reader price: $27

This is just a taste; I have many new and exciting listings here and don't be shy about getting in touch with questions or comments!


Eyeliah said...

oh great items, the red dress and hat are my faves.

The Wolfmen said...

Funky Funky outfits

hannahlizabeth said...

oh man, if only i could make my boyfriend wear a rad shirt like that!


loni said...

Very nice items and places I admire the photo with the grass hill!

I have a first giveaway on my blog - you're invited!!

Belle said...

Haha, I am often sad that I don't have a bf, to force clothing onto. So my brother gets the brunt of it. He doesn't often listen tho.

Keith said...

Those are some great items. I love them all. Have a great Friday and weekend. Cheers!

CANDY DOLL said...

Adorable dresses!

Michelle said...

All so adorable! If I had endless dough, I'd buy basically everything with "70s" in front of it, because it's my style exactly. And that sequined party dress -- Oh! xo.

w. said...

you always have the cutest clothes in your store!

Allison said...

Oooh, I so wish I had somewhere to wear that fabulous party dress! And seriously Molly, you should be a model - you are beyonddd skinny and gorgeous!
I've missed you, glad you're back!

Dooder City said...

i wish wish iwsh i had money!
it feels so good to be back blogging and visiting your blog:)

this wheel's on fire said...

Looking good, L-I-V-I-N :)

Ha! Weren't those anonymous comments the craziest?! So out of the blue. I guess I've made it ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh I am rather keen on that last shirt. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that the model looks somewhat like Beck...

If I wasn't poor I'd buy that shinyshiny blue dress. Really I would.

(and HEY i have a new blog. This is Maddy, formerly of the Vehement Lovely, by the way)

Lexie said...

ohh man! that blue sequin dress is calling my name!

jess said...

Oh I love the blue sequined number.

Samantha said...

ahh i need some money quick so i can buy everything in your store, i love it all so much lol!

beckyxoxo said...

great items ! love the sequin dress ! :D

Bill said...

I love the items you have in the pics in this post! Do you think it would be okay if I used one or two of your pics in a post I'd like to write on my 60s Garage Rock blog about your stuff? I'll add whatever links you want. Let me know at thanks!

Bill said...

Hi Molly! I used 3 items in a post on my blog. I hope that's okay. :) Let me know if you want me to edit anything in the post. Thanks and best wishes on your shop and on this excellent blog!

Interstellar Overdrive said...

Darling, I'd buy your clothes just for the title of this post... If I were not the phantom of the opera making meager wages. One day, though! One day!

Michelle said...

P.S. Mentioned you on my most recent post!! xo.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Words cannot even begin to describe how much I adore that Slouchy Red Velvet Hat. It's the perfect piece of headwear for fall! :)

Anonymous said...

great items I love the looks!
Nicky :)

rachel is a dreamer said...

that boy modeling that awesome 70s button up shirt should be your boyfriend. he looks awesome. love all your vintage finds! xo
peace & love.

iƱaki said...

Love the floral belted dress!!