Wednesday, December 16, 2009

oh, i says the damndest things last night when i was running game...

Wow....Jesus....there are no words, really.

I haven't posted in 2 and a half months, and part of the reason I've been putting it off so much is because I feel like my return must be EPIC, a post that will be linked and gossiped about, a post that, perhaps, might even warrant a Youtube tribute video to the tune of "Walkin' On Sunshine". Unfortunately, said post never quite popped into my head fully formed so please bear with me while I try to get back into the schwang of thangs.
Excuses for my behaviour? (Or lack thereof, really) Well, I can dish em all out - new job, new boyfriend, new Betty Davis album - but it all comes down to who cares? I still mourn the devastating abandonment by Emma of her brilliant blog (2 years and counting, R.I.P. bbgurl), but all I can do is throw on the explicit version of "Sexy Can I" and wait for slow, gentle death.
Where to even begin?? I almost just threw myself off on a For the Love of Ray J tangent (glorious! Flavour of Love with an actually-attractive host!), but I have resisted.

I guess I should come bearing apology gifts. Aaaaaaand, those come in the form of amusing YouTube videos! (What else?)

George Clinton - "Do Fries Go With That Shake?!"
Leave it to George Clinton. This sleazy track (featuring Vanessa Williams) and its dynamite video will sho nuff put a smile on your face. Judging by George's face at 00:52, ladies in mismatched layers make his brain cease activity, and, judging by his pick-up lines, particularly in the linguistic department.
But does it make me question using him as my "historical figure who inspires you the most" during job interviews? Not for a second.
Oh, Georgie, one day we will frolic in a giant chocolate milkshake together, our souls funking as One.

And, for a cheap laugh, the Bill Cosby Pokemon Rap. How can you do anything but chuckle?

I'm still pimping out my online vintage store Safe as Milk Vintage, so...
...if those miniscule little pictures of items I have in store now whetted your appetite, I will provide the link once again (SAFE AS MILK VINTAGE) for those of you too lazy to scroll up to find it (and don't think I'm judging - I know your pain!)
Also, if you dig my store, or just feel like giving me a little support, join my Facebook fan page. And add me up! I go by Molly Jagger (not only a reference to the divine Mick, but also the wicked Jimi song "Dolly Dagger"). Just let me know you know me through blogging!
Well, let me get this posted before something drastic happens to delay my return further!
I am home, home to you.
Love me.


Sister Libby said...

you're bomb.

Lexie said...

YAAAAAAAAY i am so happy you are back! :D :D :D

i want a list of your ten fave albums/singles/artists/however you want to post this from 2009 pronto!

Keith said...

Hey Molly. Great to see you back posting. I had really missed your blog. It's so cool. What an awesome post. I loved it. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Cheers!

ellie said...

aw..its so sweet to hear from you. Yeah, I must hearing voices or just keep writing..

You are Legend! Glad you're back!

hannah elizabeth said...

welcome back to cyberspace!

oh man i wanna get INVOLVED in that clinton video. inspiring historical figure indeed.


shewearsclothes said...

Consider yo'self LOVED, girl.

And I miss Emma too. What the fuck happened to that blog? Bitch was funny.

Jill said...

Missed you much girly!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I've only just been exposed to ashcan rantings but I'm already far too obsessed!! :)

Maya said...

i miss emma too! happy you're back though. i hastily accepted your invitation to your fan page. your posts always make me smile so keep them up!! xx

Anonymous said...

yay you're back! (and I was just lamenting the loss of ever-witty Emma the other day too :(

Eyeliah said...

damn girl it's been a long time. glad you are posting today, will go check out the shop. :-)

sophia said...

miss molly!
bill cosby is kind of my idol. those sweaters = pimp
ahhh it feels good to be back :)

PrettyInBlack said...

Hey Molly,
I haven't commented here in a while :(

I just wanted to tell you that I was looking through some posts that I missed and that I love "I'm So Afraid" by Fleetwood too! I have my granpa's album and I remember the first time I got to the end I must have started the needle over and over again on that song a million times.

this wheel's on fire said...

well hello! glad you're back :)