Tuesday, January 11, 2011

she's on a diet while my pocket's eating cheesecake

A lot of people think that only actors, musicians and artists should be famous. I think anybody who is interesting and entertaining should be famous, which is why I love reality TV. Not all of it, but, by God, I love drama and do not want it in my life, which is why I rely on MTV and VH1 to churn out delusional people and the unbalanced few who inexplicably want to have sex with them.

Now, Canada in general is less pop culturally-driven than the US, and here the Kardashians aren't quite the megastars they seem to be in the States. I mean, we get your magazines, so we're definitely aware of who they are, but I have never heard someone in my life talking about them or their show. However, a few nights ago, flipping around cable, I came across It: Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I read enough Jezebel.com (I finally kicked my Perez Hilton habit, which is a huge relief because I can't stand the guy) to know that Kim is no longer dating Reggie Bush (sigh, swoon, squeeee for a NFL fan like myself) so I would presume the episodes currently be aired aren't recent but wow, this show is phenomenal.

Now, bear in mind that I've only seen about five episodes and they appear to be older but no matter how childish (bringing your sisters to your Lasik surgery so they can giggle and freak out, distracting the doctors), spoiled (your trainer says "eat more eggs" so you buy a bunch of chickens to keep in your backyard??) and bratty (a thirty-something woman refusing to talk to her mother for days because she forgot to come to her photoshoot) they can be, this is absolutely the pinnacle of reality television entertainment.

Like any reasonable woman, Khloe is my favourite. And by "favourite" I mean, "probably the one I would eat last if we were all trapped on a desert island" because, hey, that's the type of situation where you want the kind of comic relief she provides. Sure, I was disappointed to see her supporting my least favourite organization, PETA, but you knew she was doing it purely out of ignorance combined with weakness to the manipulative tactics they should be famous for.

The main reason I love this show is because I am fascinated by celebrity, and this is a rare show where you can watch celebrities on the rise (no, American Idol doesn't count - may that insipid monstronsity of mediocrity be forever banished to Hades) and not desperately trying to cling their final dying moment of stardom. And you gotta love these people for how much they have allowed us to invade their lives. I mean, I have officially seen the inside of Bruce Jenner's colon. Your move, Audrina.
In conclusion, all I can really say is the thought that I often find myself murmuring whilst watching the show: "It must be nice to be that rich."


"B" said...

i love that you love nfl players because i swear i'm going to marry one and then be on VH1 with "football wives"...

Allison said...

Bahhh, I've missed you, Molly! I'm so thrilled that when you come back to blogging, you come back with a brilliant post like this.
God, sometimes I worry that if someone from another country watched a show like the Kardashians, they would just be so horrified with America, and yet I cannot stop watching it. Kim is probably the most awful out of the group, though Kris comes pretty freaking close.
Wait til you get to the later seasons - it just gets better and better (and by that I could potentially mean worse and worse, but my moral compass is slowly being dug into the ground).
I'm almost 100% positive that you can get the seasons on Netflix, if you have it and are dying for some awful TV :)

Hannah said...

Speaking of cheesecake, I think this show is the television equivalent.... So bad but so good.

Cafe Fashionista said...

My sister is OBSESSED with this show; but I have never seen a single episode. I've never been very interested in the Kardashian family. I don't know..."Jersey Shore" is my guilty pleasure, I suppose. :P

Mouthwash said...

I love reality TV....and I think it's ruining my sense of reality. LOL


Great post!!

Sunniva said...

I LOVE that you're back, Molly! I have missed you and your blog so much. Haha reality TV is my guilty pleasure too, something about it is disturbingly satisfying. Well, maybe not satisfying as one often develops an addiction..always wanting more. I have never watched this show though. I might just have to start now...
Keep the great posts coming, sweetie xo

jess said...

I've never watched the Kardashians. Have you seen Bridalplasty? It's my new guilty pleasure show.

Sadako said...

I've never seen this one but I'd get sucked in if I did...I've already got sucked into pretty much every Bravo show. And now MTV's Jersey Shore. It's like an addiction!

polliani said...

thats why Im working in TV, love making those shows


Sofie said...

check out my blog if you want :)


ambra said...

i soo love reality show!!! its my guilty pleasure. right now i'm loosing my precious time with Made in Chealsea, soooo addictive!!


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I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

I miss your blogs ... and I haven't been reading all that often but when I happen to catch you ... I am right there with you ... it's truly uncanny.

I love these girls. I love them. I hate myself for loving them but I adore them. I think a million things while watching them ... oh the money, the insanity, the stupidity, the selfishness, the unbelievalbe audacity, the sheer absolute amazingness that is them.

Fantastic drama.

Sometimes I hate myself for loving them as I do.

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