Friday, June 09, 2006


My dream last night:
I was Jim Morrison (barely) and I was sleeping at Ray Manzarek's house (who still lived with his mother) because I didn't have an apartment yet. And at Ray's house there was a snake who lived curled around a pipe on the (very high, probably twenty five feet) ceiling. Now, I've never had a fear of snakes, but one hanging over me while I sleep is not cool, so I didn't like that. Ray and I had to share an enormous bed and one day the snake just fell next to the bed.
"Oh," I, as Jim, remarked, ever so intelligeantly, "it's dead."
"Yeah, obviously," replied Ray, leaning over the bed to pick it up.
At that moment there was a flash of movement as the snake - not dead, as previously believed- attacked Ray. He turned into my sister and I started beating her in an attempt to put her out of her misery.
Then I woke up, with a horrible fear of snakes.

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