Friday, December 01, 2006

ladies (and gentlemen), start your limewires

Welcome to the first partially-annual 10 Songs You Should Download. It's genre-spanning and they're all songs loved by me! So you know they're good.

1. Ciara - "Promise"
I know I rave about this one incessantly, but I'm thinking it might be the best song released in 2006 and that's HUGE for me because Prince released an album in March.

2. Prince - "Another Lonely Christmas"
Sure, the fictional story of a deceased lover (well. she's not a lover anymore, so I don't want to hear any smart-alecky cracks about necrophilia) won't exactly put you in the happiest holiday spirit. It's a Purple Rain-era B-Side, though it prolly doesn't mean much to you non-Prince fans. It's pretty, but it ain't not ballad. Prince stills rocks and kicks major ass.

3. Shocking Blue - "Venus"
You've probably all heard the Bananarama version ("I'm your venus/I'm your fire") but hear the ORIGINAL, which is 1000 times better. They're Dutch psychedelic rockers...the European Jefferson Airplane...need I say more?

4. Led Zeppelin - "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You"
Although there's much disagreement on this one, I'd say Led Zeppelin's best song

5. Cream - "Tales of Brave Ulysses"
Best Cream song? Also debatable, but a great, great song. Not debatable. Don't even try.



alluretone said...

i loveee zeppelin! jimmy page- drool. ramble on and the rain song are very good acoustics also. babe i'm gonna love you is good and it's very fun to play, but it's not my fav. did you know it was originally written by joni mitchell? god i love her voice.

Anonymous said...

Yo Molly
I like how your picture in the header changes from post to post.

Keep on postin' in the free world. ( hope you know I'm joking)

Sunniva said...

I love Shocking Blue-Venus and Cream...lovely music!!
Btw, I've done a post on purple (where I mentioned you)..check it out =)


Anonymous said...

hmm, never really heard any of them.. but i will download them and tell you what i think!

*emma* said...

all of those songs kick ass

Anonymous said...

i adore led zeppelin, and i def agree that song of his is the best by far.
check out my blog --!!
(the only reason why im "anonymous" is because my comp is so messed up! haha

Jane said...

this is a really good idea...time for me to do one!