Friday, February 16, 2007

damn vintage make me want to sell my soul

Very exciting friend Nicola started a blog called "Nicola's Vintage Boutique". She is an EXPERT on all thing vintage and I suggest you check her blog out. It's in my Links or if you're a lazy bitch, its

It was also the divine Miss Nicola who sent me the link to this fantastic vintage site,, and these are a few of my favorites from there.
Ossie Clark.
Ossie Clark.
Ossie Clark.

All very expensive. For me, at least.


Anonymous said...

the 1st and 4th are simply divine.

The Boob Lady said...

OMG! I love number two, that is awesome!

Nicola's Vintage Boutique said...

I would say my favourites are number 2(just because its so Biba) and the last one

btw, I love the dress I bought today
thank you for convincing me to buy it

It looks great on and has those balloon sleeves that were popular in the late 60's
the only thing is that it DOES have a small bust
and I ripped it putting it on

cross your fingers that it can be fixed

Emma said...

OH MY GOD just when i thought your blog couldnt get ANY BETTER it has. i friggin love ossie clark. there was this 1 AMAZING angel wing orange dress that made me so happy. i mentioned it in my old blog.
i will check out your friend's blog ASAP parce que j'aime vintage.

alluretone said...

loveee the black ossie clark dress!!

Crazy Eddie said...

Dayum girly... I loved them all. Biba is extra hot. Beautiful...

Ok... I'm working on posting those pics for my Molly love. It'll be dedicated in your honor...


maya said...

i love both the ozzie clark (not sure about spelling) ones.
have you seen that david hockney picture of him and celia birtwell?
he looks really hot

Tru said...

nice picks....I will go check out your friends blog now

coco said...

wow i adore the 4th dress. i have now decided i need that dress.

From Lily With Love said...

I love the first and last.

Anonymous said...

check my blog before the pictures disappear!!!