Tuesday, February 13, 2007

i cant believe im mentioning the great jim morrison in the same post as hilary duff either

What I'm Currently Pining For:

I'm dying for a good pair of leather pants. Thanks to Nicola, I'm getting into the Doors and Jim Morrison is definitely an inspiration on this count. I doubt I'll actually find a good, affordable pair that fit me, but I can dream, right?

And because I'm obviously in such a Hell's Angels state of mind (aren't we all), I'd like a leather jacket as well.

Though I doubt I can pull it off and look as badass as Hilary.

Shudder. I'm kind of scared of her now. I bet she'd kick my ass.


And while that picture's up, a good bandana as well.

I also think I'm going to give in and finally get an iPod. I've lasted this long, but since my sister got one, it's sort of torturing me.

I think Pattie Boyd's dress here is the second greatest I've ever seen (after Mary-Kate's, see sidebar). I want a great, colourful minidress! Preferably vintage.

Valentine's Day post tomorrow...BE EXCITED!


maya said...

i want everything in that post too but when i told my friends about the leather trousers (im english) thing it went like this
me- i really want some leather trousers

friends- (histerical laughter)

me- im serious

friends- silence.

Oh well, i'll get some and i'll show them how groovy I look. Not that i will look at all groovy.
also i try to be excited about valentines but i find it extremely hard.

Crazy Eddie said...

The Doors have been a staple in my music collection for some time now (my bro-in-law is a fanatic) and I love his lyrics...

Funny how you mention Hillary Duff and the word Badass at the same time... LMAO

I do agree that jacket is slammin'. As for succumbing to the pressures of the IPOD, I finally just purchased one recently and am in heaven. So convenient, but it'll never compare to the omnipotent vinyl.

Love ya silly,


Emma said...

i love leather. i have this wonderful leather motorcycle whore skirt that i wear with good-girl tights and suede boots and a funky shirt and the effect is either incredibly sexy or incredibly ho-ish. either way, i love it. nothing like the smell of leather.

Touche19 said...

in reply to your last statement:

basically, I desperately need a cute scarf and those leather pants look strangely scrumptious.

Maddy said...

Hate The Doors.
Love headscarves.

So it all evens out.

Sarah said...


*for more info, check out my post

coco said...

im not too sure i like hilary in leather.
i still think of her as lizze mogiure.

the lipstick lady said...

i would never laugh at someone who had leather trousers.
sorry, that was kind of a reply to maya's comment and also just a general statement.
god I wish I had a pair of leather trousers.

Tru said...

great psot...I got a fake aleather jacket at target and I love it....you should defiently pick one up

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

i really want a leather jacket and i love the doors and jim morrison x