Monday, February 04, 2008

im her number one body-rocker alll of the time

I hope everyone had an excellent Superbowl Sunday, despite the lack of a Prince half-time show. God, I love football.Anyway, there's further news of the exciting nature, for Prince fans, that is, of which I most definitely am. There is a Prince side-project from the 80's, which I've mentioned a few times on this blog called The Time. Anyone who's seen Purple Rain would remember them as the super badass pop-funk who make fun of Prince's dad's suicide, led by the hilariously awesome Morris Day, and featuring as "the valet" (a.k.a the dude who holds up Morris' mirror while he sings) Jerome Benton. They are the best Prince side-project ever...yes, even better than Vanity 6! So you know they're fantastic. (They were also in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which I haven't seen but obviously must).

"Yes, yes, yes," you say, "I get it, The Time are Gods in the world of Prince fans, but what about them??"
Don't get cheeky with me! There is good news and bad news.
The good news: The Time, original lineup, are reuniting to perform at this years Grammy's on February 10th!
The bad news: They're performing with Rihanna and this means I'll have to suffer through performances by Beyonce, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Josh Groban and Jerry Lee Lewis to see my beauties whoring themselves out for fame and recognition. And probably money.

Anyway, the point of this post is to raise awareness. So if you happen to be watching the Grammy's, you won't be inclined to change the channel when you hear Rihanna is up next. Sure, they'll probably have her try and force her extremely limited voice to warble through classics such as "Jungle Love" and "The Bird". They'll probably put her in one of her typically over-the-top outfits and make her dance awkwardly instead of putting on the attention on the Time's suave suits and stellar dance moves. They'll probably force brilliant guitarist Jesse Johnson to the back of the stage and, if he gets a solo, have Rihanna hanging all over him.
Let's remain positive!

Morris Day and Prince, in what has been sometimes called "the good old days"

The Time are fantastic live performers, even Prince would get threatened whenever they used to open for him. Morris Day's cheeky facial expressions rival Prince's! Jesse Johnson is an amazing guitar player. They're spectacularly dapper. And if there is a God, in the middle of performance (and anyone who's seen Purple Rain will recognize this one)
Morris will turn to Jerome, say "Jerrr-ome" (in his inimitable way) and Jerome will pick Rihanna up and throw her in an garbage bin.
Lawd....such nastiness.


alluretone said...

yeah the grammys are horrible sometimes. anyways.. new antm season tonight.. hope it will be interesting this season. i didn't even bother to watch the finale last season.

Stephanie said...

Hi! No problem, to create a hyperlink, just double-click the word so you select it, then click the button above that looks like a world and a little chain (next to text color in the menu above the text box where you enter in the body of the post). I hope that helps!

alexgirl said...

The "bad news" is very bad... but cool to see them play!
And yes, I totally remember them from Purple Rain. I should watch that movie again, huh?

the iron chic said...

I know!
The Time!
More like, the Passing of Time.
If they can do it, so can Apollonia.

blazedanielle said...

I'm glad you had a great superbowl sunday! :) Apologies for not commenting in a while! I hope you have had a great past couple of weeks! I will have to read a lot to catch up!! :)

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

GAAAAH Yeah what in the hellll was Tom Petty all about?!

Aretha said...

Thanks for the news, Molly, but I wish they could do a solo performance without this girl Rhianna, guajjj I don't like her at all... She's trying to hard to be the next Beyonce

coco said...

Have you heard that The Artic Monkey's and Justin Timberlake are thinking of working together?
Thought I would let you know!

WAT said...

I remember THE TIME. Their songs were always very funky and catchy. Morris Day! OH YEAH! I watched only part of the Grammys this time around. These new singers and artists all SUCK!

For the most part.

ambika said...

Oh my gosh, that old photo of Prince and Morris Day or too much.

& the Grammy's were a big bunch of bleh this year, as per usual.