Friday, December 19, 2008

lord knows, he sure is fine, aint he fine?

Back in my younger, boy-crazy days (about a year ago), I would have my signature (ha) Top 10 Sexiest lists, all the damn time. They occured usually twice a year, and often had themes. A little history for ya, it began back in summer of 2006 and Prince, Mick Jagger and Alex Turner are the only celebrities who made the list everytime. But then, who knows what happened, but my Sexy lists fell by the wayside and I focused on reality for once (what a concept..), and now it's been almost a year...well I won't have it anymore! With 2008 drawing to a close, here's my current

Top 10 Sexiest Men Of All Time

1. Andre 3000 has been something of a mainstay on this list, but this is the first time he's taken the crown. I can't deny it any longer...I need Andre 3000 in my life.

2. Mick Jagger - Oh, God, yes...

3. Jimi Hendrix is so sexy sometimes I can't even look at him. He's almost painfully goodlooking.
4. Glenn Goins - This is a little awkward, actually. The way I feel about Glenn Goins, it's almost like having a crush on Jesus or something.

5. Prince - well, obviously.

6. Alex Turner - It's hard to find a recent picture of him without Alexa...sigh

7. Hyde must be incredibly unphotogenic, as I can't find a single picture that properly demonstrates his sex appeal. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about though.
8. Keith Richards...making bacon....really, what else do you need from life?

9. Jason Schwartzman is good-looking, sure, but sometimes personality just takes someone to the next level.

10. Lenny Kravitz's music? Meh. Hair, style, face, general aura? Yesss, please!

What do you think? Answer the poll in the sidebar for your feedback to be counted. And by counted I mean, I'll look at it, judge you and then never think about it again.

(*subject to change depending on mood)


jayne said...

omg love jason schwartzmann, his quirky sense of humor totally does it all for me

and how can you not love witty alex turner?

Sarah Von said...

I love Andre *so hard* So funny and weird and fashionable and tiny. Also, I suspect his IQ is 145, minimum. Hot.

Katelin said...

i've always had a top 10 too, haha. and i agree, andre 3000, yeah he's hot.

this wheel's on fire said...

YAY!! A post with Mick, Prince, Keith, and Jimi cannot be any better...I may need to make my own...hhmmm...

Miss Maybel said...

It is like you are reading my mind. Such sexy sexy men. All of the except Keith Richards? Girl what are you thining? Swap him for Jim Morrison and that would be the perfect list.

PS. Loving the blog

Belle said...

Love Hyde! I miss That 70s show.

Mimi said...

Andre 3000 is soooo amazing, he is gorgeous and I've been crushing on him lately... Jason Schwartzman is so personable and adorable. Lenny Kravitz... So sexy and talented! Mick Jagger... Of course! Hyde was always my favorite Kelso was too obvious and Eric was too thin :] Jimi Hendrix= ♥


Keith said...

Being a straight guy, I'm not really into any of these men that way. lol I can still admire the good looks and sexiness of other men. I'm confident in my sexuality. Great list you made. I've made lists of this about women that I love. I'll change it up all the time. Many times it's got women from the 50's to 70's on it. Then I'll throw women from the 80's up there. I will at times be really hung up on girls of today. It all depends on what mood I'm in.

Miss Karen said...

Awesome list - my head was perpetually nodding in agreement the whole time. :) And the picture of Prince is REALLY nice hehe.

MR style said...

i vote for prince

Eyeliah @ said...

Great choices. Musicians are the sexiest.
Lenny, Brandon Flowers, Axl Rose, Jack White, Mick Jagger etc etc.

Carolina Lange said...

I think that Prince and Lenny Kravitz are so sexy!

The Clothes Horse said...

We have very different taste in men. But I do 100% agree with Andre 3000. In the end, it isn't their physical presence so much as the fact they could coo to you. :)

mary jane said...

i'm ALLL about jason schwartzmann, lenny is WAY hot, but i think david gilmore would be on my list too!
here's a few vintage hottie pics..

thedrifterandthegypsy said...

i love your funny way of writing things. reading your posts always make me chuckle to myself and livens up my day :)

Sister Libby said...

Keith Richards+Bacon=Sex
Kieth Richards+Bacon+Libby=The Sex
You know who I voted for.

I don't know where you find these photos, but I thank heaven that you do.

Also, I was thinking about Alex Turner the other day. I like him a lot.

Cate said...

I focused on reality too. A year ago, the only person I was crushing on was Viggo Mortensen. Now, it's someone a bit more realistic ^^
I voted for Hendrix, but my sexiest list would definitely always be led by Viggo Mortensen.

copperoranges said...

hyde is like a dirty mean sexy. love it.

WAT said...

You are a hoot girl!

"I can't deny it any longer...I need Andre 3000 in my life."


lacey said...

mmmmmm hyde....good picks but what about kurt cobain girl???

Kellie said...

Whoa @ crush on Jesus.
I miss him


Kellie said...

Whoa @ crush on Jesus.
I miss him