Sunday, January 04, 2009

shall i tell you about my life, they say im a man of the world...

Everyone knows Fleetwood Mac.

The name probably immediately gave you the image of gorgeous Stevie Nicks in her gypsy garb, possibly with a tambourine in hand, maybe even some white doves flitting about in the background. The music? It's good! Some beautiful songs, like "Tusk", "Gold Dust Woman", "The Chain", have emerged from this band and as far as nice voices go, well, they've got three.
However, before there was Stevie and Lindsay and Christine, Fleetwood Mac was a drastically different band. Gone were the California-kissed, easy-listenin' harmonies - Fleetwood Mac, led by Peter Green, was an amazing British blues band.
And I sadly neglected to include Peter Green in my best vocalists post, which is a terrible mistake. His voice is absolutely breathtaking. He's perhaps best known for taking one tab of acid too many and almost pulling a Syd Barrett, but the fact remains that he is an incredible guitar player, a fantastic vocalist and possesses my favourite non-black voice.

Unfortunately, Peter Green was someone whose talents far outweighed his mental ability to handle "the lifestyle" and his demons got the best of him. Today, he tours with his band, the Splinter Group, and though he never achieved the same level of fame that someone like, say, Stevie Nicks has, clearly there are some people who belong in the spotlight. Though Peter Green was not one of those people, he had so much to offer the music world. Please listen to and enjoy the following performances.

"The Green Manalishi" -
One of my favourites - you might've heard Judas Priests' cover.

"Need Your Love So Bad" -
Ignore the fact that this video is mimed. The vocals and guitar are heartwrenchingly beautiful.

"Oh Well (Pt. 1)" -
Badass, raucous guitar, sometimes giving way to Peter Green's amazing voice (and beautiful smile).

"Rattlesnake Shake" -
On Playboy TV in 1969 - there's an "amusing" little intro with Hugh Hefner, who calls them "The" Fleetwood Mac.


Sister Libby said...

I was "amused" by Hugh. And I agree about the voice...great, great.

what we needed said...

So cool. Truly should be a major motion picture about these guys. Something about them just doesn't go out of style.

Thanks for all the info too. You should write for Rolling Stone.

Thanks so much for commenting. I did get a chance to watch Love Songs with Louie Garrel. He just sang all the way through it..girls, guys..he's really quite funny, too. Anyway, it was sort of my inspiration.

julie said...

oh molly thank you so much for that early pic of fleetwood mac. i've never seen that particular photo.

Krystal said...

i LOOOOOVE peter g's fleetwood mac!!! good call ! xo

Keith said...

Hey Molly. Great clips. I never knew much about Fleetwood Mac with Peter Green. I always know them more from their more famous incarnation. He does have a great voice. It's a shame that things turned out like they did for him.

Cate said...

That's interesting! I didn't know they were a blues band before! Great post.

Jill said...

That was Barbi Benton with ol Hef...she was so cute. Thanks for reminding me of Tusk. Great post.

Mimi said...

Love, adore, and simply just smitten with Fleetwood Mac! That early photo is awesome, and of course you pick the best songs!

And I am glad you like my new header! I agree she's too thin there but I loved how I did the effects on it... I am still trying to modify it a bit but I may just end up keeping it.

And yes I looooove Andre! He most certainly is divine! The man is gorgeous, funny, and he sings!

xo, Much love

yiqin; said...

Thanks for this post! I really enjoyed the vids!

tanya said...

love your post!
fleetwood mac is amazinggg! :)
keep up the awesome postes

Molly said...

so much facial fur...
i guess i gotta love them. i did grow up listening to them so i guess i'll always have a place in my heart for hugh...

would you like to link exchange molly?
from your fellow molly x

this wheel's on fire said...

Wow I never knew that! I love the Fleetwood Mac that everyone knows, but I never knew about this! xoxo

Daughters of Dawn said...

You've been tagged honey!

Courtly Love said...

I agree with whoever said you should write for Rolling Stone. This is the best Fleetwood Mac post ever.

And err, this is kind of embarassing, and I don't know if you'd remember...but I used to be Dilemma Knows Fashion. haha. That was like a million years ago so I wouldn't blame you if you didn't.