Monday, March 31, 2008

i can tell you things to get you excited, things you never heard

The other night, as I was juggling oranges while watching Sherlock Holmes, I came to a realization. An epiphany, if you will.

A rough image of what I'd been doing. Note the lines between oranges indicating motion.*

I thought to myself, what am I doing?? How could four so very separate commodities - me, oranges, Sherlock Holmes and juggling - have collided into such a satisfying moment? It was there are then that I drew the conclusion that life's best moments are just that: a collision of little joys.
(I really ought to climb to the top of a mountain, grow a beard and charge people kumquats for advice.)
Sometimes, however, life, or should I say universe is overly generous and allows collisions of extreme greatness. Its the equivelant of the really expensive Christmas gift from an aunt you never see, that leaves you wondering what you did to deserve such magnificance.
I'll share some examples from my life.

Tim Burton's 1988 version of Batman really seems like the movie made for me. It stars my favourite actor, Jack Nicholson, with a soundtrack by my favourite artist, Prince. Before I saw it, I was a bit concerned because I hate action movies, plus I was worried it would be too much a good thing. Let me tell you something. "Too much of a good thing" doesn't exist. It's a fascist plot by the government to make people less greedy, so they can easily be more greedy. A good thing is infinity, which is why Batman is one of my favourite movies ever.

Continuing with the Jack Nicholson theme, I was really stoked about Chinatown, directed by my favourite director, Roman Polanski, starring Jack Nicholson. I didn't bother to worry about it being too much of a good thing, and it's a good thing I didn't because the movie was a very good thing.
Another good example is the fantastic duet "We Can Funk" by Prince and P-Funk leader George Clinton. I was into this song before I discovered Parliament-Funkadelic, but I certainly have a whole new appreciation for it now that I know who exactly the deep-voiced character singing "I'm testin' positive for the funk/I'll gladly pee in anybody's cup" is.
And then there's "Dancing in the Streets". Okay, so the song itself is no "Gimme Shelter" or "Moonage Daydream". What makes this Bowie/Jagger duet so magical is the rumours of a secret, forbidden (no! not forbidden! loved and accepted by all!) love affair between the two known bisexuals. I'm not the type to spell "hot" with an "aw" but if I did, I be typing "hawwwt" right now. Oh shit...

And then sometimes there's just pictures. You know, just a snapshot of an unexpected match of celebrities that just makes your day.

There's Pattie Boyd with the Rolling Stones.

Why did nobody tell me Jason Schwartzman and Zooey Deschanel dated?? I had to celebrate their coupling and mourn their breakup in the same thought! It was an emotional roller coaster...When the Olsens met Winehouse...I'd be very surprised if no cocaine was exchanged.
When Cory Kennedy met Lindsay Lohan...I'd be very surprised if no tales of herbal STD-treatments were exchanged.My precious, precious Arthur Lee with Jimi Hendrix. (Photo credit: Jeffrey Eisen)

There! Proof! Greatness + greatness = superterrifichappy greatness! And don't get me started on when evil joins forces (cough4minutestosavetheworldcough)

*May be slightly embellished. I can't juggle. It was just two oranges.


Lotem said...

Wow I haven't been here in a while.

It's an inspiring post actually. I always tend to think that the best moments of life is when something realllllly big is happening, but, you know how you have those random rushes of exhiliration just because, like you've said, a lot of joyous little things are happening all at once? I love those.

good day :)

Hailey @ said...

Great post, very thoughtful. I am a lil sad that you can't juggle thou, based on the disclaimer - lol!

Pretty In Black said...

I found out that Jason and Zooey dated and broke up in the same moment as well. Where was I?

I'd better youtube dancing in the streets now. I love my Bowie and The Stones are always good too.

Katelin said...

great post. i think i love your oranges and sherlock drawing the best though, haha.

Cassie said...

I loved Jason and Zoey together. He looked really good with her.

Well, my so-called "Tom Petty" hat was just something I started and decided to finish. It does look a bit funky to wear. Maybe if I had more "attitude" it would look better on.

Thanks for the comment.

Cassie said...

I thought I posted something..hmmm..maybe I do have the flu afterall.

I liked Jason best with Zoey. He seems to be going down hill lately. Not sure why. I guess we're all getting old.

blazedanielle said...

Haha! Wonderful post!! :) I love it! Those little mixtures of wonder make me sooo happy too!

And what?! Jason Schwartzman and Zooey Deschanel dated? And broke up?! Where was I?

Talk about emotional roller-coaster!

Belle said...

Molly you had me very jealous right until the end of the post when I read the note that you were only juggling two oranges. I wish I could juggle.

ROBOTS said...

Great post! You write very good.

Molly, thanks for your comment.
Always return!

Sister Libby said...

That record is really stumping me. And you make me happy when you talk. Also, I agree that Chinatown is a good thing.

just Ivy said...

Mick has still got it..that new film he and his band made looks really amazing.

Sunniva said...

wow I just had an're right, there is no such thing as "too much of a good thing"..I can't believe I have been thinking that until now...I need to do something crazy now to rebel against this :P

I love the photo of the Olsens and Amy's just so right and so wrong at the same time !

Thanks Molly, it's great to be back !

And ps. This post was so haaaaawt ! ;P and I am so envious of you having tickets to see Crosby, Stills & Nash...lucky girl !

coco said...

I didn't know that Jason Schwartzman and Zooey Deschanel dated either
When did this happen?

Cate said...

it's true. you can never get enough of a good thing - if you have the feeling you do, it's just because you don't like the thing no more, and THAT'S possible.
by the way, i never knew that jagger was bisexual.

LBIC said...

lol hilarious. oh, how I love your blog.

I didn't know that zooey and jason dated. and broke up. :(

Molly :] said...

paha. you are funny molly.

on winehouse & the olsens:
'if no cocaine was exchanged i'd be suprised'
^^ thats how funny that is.

Jason Schwartzman and Zooey Deschanel dated?!!?

Then again, i didnt know the olsens had a brother and a sister till yesterday.

Perhaps i'm living in a time capsule?

hehe :) x

saray said...

i had no idea that Jason and Zoey were together..
just like i had no idea that orlando and Miranda are daiting!

WAT said...

Look, Jack Nicholson was absolute perfection as the Joker in Tim Burton's "Batman." I was just about to start high school, and I remember being mesmerized by his hilarious performance! I still like watching clips of it on YouTube to this day!

That new version, "Batman Begins" with Cristian Bale was not all that to me, and kind of boring! Maybe the new upcoming one with Heath Ledger's gonna be better, but I still doubt his Joker next to Nicholson's classic version.

The Clothes Horse said...

This post is hilarious! I like taking a lot of joy out of very little things...

riz said...

your captions are amusing as ever...God I love Chinatown!!

That dress Winehouse is wearing is really nice.

WendyB said...

LOL -- fabulous post.

Kat said...

What a brilliant post!!! It was a such a 'pick - me -up'! It's true what you say about the little joys and oh how I laughed about what you said about too much of a good thing and the government!
That picture of Pattie Boyd and the stones is very cool and I never heard that about bowie and mick...interesting!!!

Aretha said...

Love the post! Prince, Nicholson, Bowie, Pattie Boyd, all together!!!
And I didn't know that Jason and Zooey dated! That has to be one of the best couples ever

alexgirl said...

Molly, you are the funniest person ever!!! I'm picturing you juggling oranges right now--hilarious.
I love your descriptions of th Olsens & Winehouse, Lohan & Cory, and Zooey & Jason. As I'm sure we've discussed, Zooey Deschanel is so amazing. I love her. She's so delicate and beautiful. I'm so glad I got to see her at SXSW.
Oh, and CHinatown. What a brilliant movie. I have seen it like 5 times. I'm a sucker for film noir... maybe I should do a post on that.
And have you seen previews for the new Batman w/ Heath as Joker? Wow. Looks amazing. Everyone on the planet is going to see that movie!!!

Thomas said...

I'm still working on the fact that you were watching Sherlock Holmes.

hayleydevlin1 said...

Jeffery Eisen is the photographer who took that Jimi Hendrix Arthur Lee picture on your page. He is deceased and his daughter Leah owns the rights to that picture. I'm her half sister, we are very upset that this picture was leaked onto the internet and have no clue how it happened, for we own the negative to this picture. I was hoping you would be kind enough to remove it? It sad to see his work go uncredited.