Saturday, November 11, 2006

100 and ive never felt so young

Yes, dear readers, its my one-hundreth post.
Let's collectively look back at some of my highs and lows.

My very first post: A description of a beautiful day. Read the founding father of Ashcan rantings here:

Jim Morrison's Anti-drug Radio Ad: I found it massively entertaining and so I copied out of the Morrison biography "No One Here Gets Out Alive" Unfortunately, at the time, I had no readers to share in my amusedness. Now, check it out:

Hair vs. Godspell: A merciless comparison of my favorite movie and a pathetic rip-off.

The crazy adventures of Miss Katielyn and Miss Molligail: ...and crazy they were.

Probably my greatest post ever: My sexiest man alive list. Siggh. Can you guess who made number one? Can ya? Can ya?

The best day ever?: The day of Prince's divorce. Imagine my glee. Or, if you can't, check it out for yourself here:

I come face-to-face with my idol: No, not Prince. No, not Grace Slick. Who, you ask? Find out for youself, lazy bitches:

My sexiest man alive list, actor style: And, so you know, Uncle Jesse - I mean, John Stamos is supposed to be in the top five, I just never got around to determining his postion. And please forgive the horrible choice of Jared Leto picture.

Where it all began: The first installation of my bi-monthly Rolling Stone pre-read review:

I get fashion-y: I don't actually have a fashion blog but I do have the tendency to rave over MK:

I break out the digital camera: and am pleased with the results:

I celebrate the big 1-0-0: Enjoying it?

Does anyone have a favorite? Please share.


S said...

wow. 100 posts. thats a lot (i think i'm on like 28). heres to 100 more!

*emma* said...

it's been a good 100.

i only have like sixteen or so because im too lazy to post much. plus, i've been spending most of my time on wanton indulgence with my friends and hitting on la scuola d'italia boys.


Anonymous said...

Happy Hundred! I'm stil in the single digits. Keep it up with the psychedelia, sexual desire for Prince, and irrational love of Mary Kate Olsen, and maybe I'll keep reading.

Anonymous said...

i do read your blog frequently, i just don't comment often. sorry. i should do that more.

so the weirdest thing happened the other night. i was on msn and someone started chatting to me - her name was Kata and she said "Hallo" with an accent above the o, like you say it in Icelandic... and well, wow! it ended up being Katarin from our camp and she is so so so different that even chatting to her with WEBCAM i couldn't recognise her. She reminds me of a north american teen, actually i thought she looked quite like mary kate or ashley, but what do i know. Anyway, she looks NOTHING AT ALL like she did in 2002. NOTHING. And shes been reading the emails on the list the WHOLE TIME and just never written to us, and she read my last post and so added me to msn. Weird.
So weird.

Hope you are well. Miss you kid

Anonymous said...

congrats, break out the confetti.
I think you need to do an (updated) hottest guys list.....
...just, you know....because??

coco said...

congratulations on ur 100th post.

*emma* said...

lol i didnt mean to make it sound like u have no life...

as u can see by the number of time i spend reading other pplz blogs i literally have NO LIFE whatsoever